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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My first crochet project!!!

For my first crochet project I made a scarf. I rember how mad I got cause I had to take it apart like 7 times befor I got it right. I thought I was never going to get it right! LOL. I used Red Heart worst weight yarn and a size 9 crochet hook. I got the hook cause I thought it looked cute. I will never make that mistake agin. Now I use Boye, and Susan Bates hooks. Holding the hook and yarn felt very weird.
     Ok so now for how I made the scarf.
chain 16
SC in 2nd ch from hook, work sc to the end. ch 1. turn
scin first sc, sc in every sc to end. ch 1. turn
rep. last row till you get your length just the way you want it. Fasten off. weave in the ends.
Then take and cut 2 pices of yarn about 1' long for each stich.
Insert hook in to first stich.
Hang the yarn on the hook so that it is even, and pull about 1" threw.
Insert hook in to the loop and pull the yarn threw the loop you just made. pull till tight.

Here is what mine look like. Tell me what you think.