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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arlington Farmers Market!

I set up at the Arlingtom Farmers Market on saturday the 9th! Hade a great time even with the wind trying to make it a bad day. Everyone was having a time trying to keep their display looking nice in 35mph winds. Lots of things getting blown away or down. Strangly enough it took out my jewlery display but left the crochet table alone! About 20 min befor the market closed every one had to pack up. The wind blew over my table for my jewlery and I had to admit defeat! lol. I sold both bears, a pair of blue camo baby booties, and 10 baby bottle keychains. Here are some pics of my set up.

I brought my daughter along with me and she had a blast! She was playing with other kids and all the dogs that she saw. Here are come pics of her playing at the market.